Artist statement

Ovals are the subject of my art. They illustrate movement in the physical world and possess kinetic energy. They release emotion – highlighting optimism, flexibility, balance and melody. The motion of drawing an oval reflects something elemental about oneself. It’s an intuitive gesture, meant to be experienced in the present.
Try it.
Use your finger and draw an imaginary oval in the air. Did you use your finger, a brushstroke, or your entire hand? Did you swoosh it? Draw it carefully or not at all?
The drawing of the oval, and the energy of that act, is what I capture.

The tension between the layering of solid white shapes in the foreground with gestural lines in the background create vibrations of yin and yang – opposing but balanced.

Balance is a vital element to my work and can also be seen in the materials I use.  Computer generated shapes exist harmoniously with hand painted lines. I embrace the modern technology available to artists but maintain the traditional artistic expression of the brushstroke.

The open-centered oval speaks of freedom and tolerance and the possibility of understanding “the other.” The opposing forces within my art are held together in a delicate balance; a state of being in which I strive to live – moving forward steadily, peacefully toward tranquility and equilibrium.